All About Me

All about me? Well, let’s see.
I would say first and foremost I am Mommy, my favorite word in the whole wide world. I like to demand kisses and hugs from my two sweet little munchkins constantly because I know that someday soon they will no longer want to give them away to me so freely. I love my kids with a kind of love that you cannot learn, you must experience.
I am also wifey to my husband, scratching his back and washing his dirty underwear all for the pleasure of listening to him breathe next to me at night. Seriously, he’s great, too. He pretty much makes all of our meals (yeah, I know, you’d kill for that) and is definitely my equal partner to raising the kids.
But, moreover, I am…me. I have a lot of great, lofty ideas that rarely get completed, and am probably one of the biggest procrastinators that you could ever meet. Yes, dream big, work little, play a lot is my philosophy.