Bucket List

Have you ever thought of the things you’d like to do before you “kick the bucket”? Have you seen the movie ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? It was after watching that that I started to think of the things I’d want on my bucket list. Some are silly, some are serious, some are lofty, and some come and go. Here’s my list.

1. Places I want to Go:
    a. Germany
    b. New York City
    c. Back to D.C.
    d. England, London and some castles.
    e. Hawaii, and visit the Pearl Harbor memorial
    f. Red Wood National Forest in California
    g. Mount Rushmore National Park
    h. Alaskan Cruise, see some whales and glaciers (if there are any left)
    i. Maine, walk on the beach, go clamming, stay at a bed and breakfast, read lots of books, in general,     
    j. Big Sky country in Montana, think, “Legends of the Fall”, minus Brad Pitt.
    k. Monument Valley in Arizona, yes, I know I live here.
    l.  Paris
    m.  Germany
    n.  Greece
    o.  Italy

2. Things I want to Cook:
    a. Paella  I did it!  May 2011
    b. Coconut Cream Pie
    c. A Lobster
    d. Coq Au Vin
    e. Beef Bourguignon-I did it!  February 2011
    f. Crepes
    g. Reine de Saba (Julia Child’s Chocolate Almond Cake)
    h. A perfect omelette
    i. Poach an egg
    j. Tres Leches Cake
    k. Etouffe  I did it!  May 2011
    l.  Beef Stroganoff (a good one without mushrooms that Jon will love)
   m. Learn how to can/pickle/jar/make jam/jelly, etc.

3. Things I want to Do:
    a. Be in a TV audience.
    b. Meet Barack Obama.
    c. Meet Martha Stewart.
    d. Publish a book or an article.
    e. Experience weightlessness – ride the vomit comet
    f. Grow a garden that is sustainable – almost got there in 2009
    g. Compost
    h. Ride an Elephant
    i. Ride in a Helicopter
    j. See a Bear’s game @ Soldier Field
    k. Stand under a waterfall.
    l. Spend the night in a haunted house or hotel.
    m. Spend a Christmas with my family somewhere snowing.
    n. Shuck an Oyster - I did it!  3-6-2010
    o. Swim with a Dolphin
    p. Write a poem, that is all mine; I’ve always been horrible at this.
    q. Write a children’s book.
    r. Walk a real tightrope.
    s. Learn to Play the Piano.

4. Personal:
    a. To love my children so fiercely that they will never, ever, doubt my love for them.
    b. For my children to have loved and appreciated me.
    c. To be known for ‘something’.
    d. Provide my descendents with a large library of photos and such to know us in the future.
    e. To have been a reasonably good example and influence on my kids.
    f. To be at peace with me.