Monday, December 22, 2008

NOT Feeling Nice Today

Boy oh boy. I am REALLY not feeling nice this evening.


I'm afraid I am unable to complete my Nice Task today. Isn't it amazing how there is always that one person (or two people super-glued at the hip, so they count as one) that is able to turn on your rage switch? I am generally a pretty nice person, but, flip that rage switch, and I have the angriest, sharpest tongue in the West! Blush. There are a couple of people right now, that I am just so angry with. They did a huge injustice to someone, and then tried to rest the blame for it on me, never acknowledging their own cruel intentions. So, I let them have it. The tongue-lashing they received from me was harsh and, I think, warranted, but certainly not very nice and not very Christmas-Season-ish. So, the nice person within, ran away, and will hopefully come back tomorrow and do two nice tasks to make up for today. As for 'those' people, well, I will not say what they can go do. Ü

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