Monday, November 23, 2009


I have a confession. I am a bad, bad Mommy!

It’s true, really it is.

Jon and I have talked briefly about the kids’ birthdays here and there trying to come up with something special for them, but not really putting much effort into it. We sort of settled on a day, December 12th, and then Joe got an invitation for a birthday party on that day from one of his friends at school. Admittedly, I thought it was a little odd to send out a birthday invitation so early, and then I realized that the 12th was only 3 weeks away!

In other words, I forgot about my kids’ birthdays.

Isn’t that one of the worst things a parent could do?

Don’t I get sent to some kind of special parent hell for that one?

So now we really have to come up with an awesome birthday party idea, and execute it all while pretending that really, we didn’t forget, we weren’t thinking about other things going on, we had this planned out months in advance, right?

Does this have to be a huge party? No, it doesn’t, so don’t think that I’m one of ‘those’ parents who can’t reign in the ideas and excess spent on their party. I just like them to be special for them, memorable, not like anything a forgetful parent would come up with.

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