Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sea Life Aquarium, Tempe AZ

I took the kids to the SeaLife Aquarium in Tempe yesterday. Joe had recently done a segment in class about the ocean and the animals in it, and so I thought that they would enjoy a little trip. I told them about it Friday night, and all Joe could talk about is what kind of animals they might have or not have. He was so excited.

We had a blast. The kids got to touch a crab, a slipper lobster, and several star fish. Later there were lots of rays, skates, sharks, octopus, jelly fish, seahorses, and many many more fish we couldn't identify. There was even a Nemo and a Dori...Ü

On the way we stopped at Walmart and picked up a couple of sketch books and some colored pencils. I thought I'd have them do sketches of what they saw and write down a little story to go with it. They loved the idea and filled several pages full of pictures they drew.

This is when Jocelyn realized she had lost her sketch book. We were able to go back a short ways and find it. It was really sweet, though, because Joe kept telling her it will be ok, we'll find it soon.-

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