Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our First Official Snowday!

I've made no secret of the fact that I have been anticipating a really hearty snow here in England.  Living in Arizona I have always wanted to live somewhere that had some snow.  Not necessarily for months on end, but somewhere that it would snow on occasion.  This last weekend was literally a dream come true for me.  It must seem silly to some, to long for something so uncomfortable and inconvenient, but growing up in Arizona where it is always sunny, always mild or hot, it's always the same there.  I've really enjoyed the seasons here.  The way the leaves change and fall, the way the flowers emerge and bloom from their sleepy hibernation, and of course, the way the snow falls in almost utter silence.  I love it.

Last year we did get some snow, though not much.  We got enough to play in it a couple of days, but not really even enough to go sledging in.  This year is definitely different.  Last Monday we got quite a bit of snow but it melted away into a lovely icy mess for the rest of the week.  Then come Friday, it started to snow.  To really snow in earnest.  And our excitement began to build.  Well, at least the kids' and my excitement.  Jon is less than impressed, but let's be real, he grew up in snow, so I understand his reticence with it.

So, Friday.  It snowed long enough and hard enough that the schools closed at 1:30 and the kids and I trudged home, excited as we knew we would be going sledging soon.  We went home and had a lovely dinner and decided to go sledging after everyone else was packing it in for the night.  We headed straight for Telletubby Hill with our sledge dragging behind us in the snow, bundled up like we were trekking through the arctic.

Joseph and Jocelyn's first few trips down the hill were great.  Then, Jon convinced them to ride down on their tummies head first.  Joe went first.  Then Joe crashed head first into a tree and immediately began screaming.  Jon and I were there instantly checking him over.  He was dazed and had a big cut above his ear so we took him down to a family friend who is a doctor and asked him to look Joe over to make sure he was alright.  Then we headed back to the hill, and after Joe's accident Jocelyn was scared to go down the hills again.

We headed home after a few more runs, stopping at the hill in our neighborhood that is a bit smaller than Telletubby Hill and Jocelyn agreed to go down a couple of times, though she wasn't happy about it for sure.

On Saturday we hunkered down in the house, playing games and watching The Big Bang Theory, our new favorite family show.  Not really wanting to go out into the weather and get cold again.  But, enjoying each other's company and having a great chill day.

Today, though, we were back out for a couple of hours and both kids had a great time without any injuries, a definite advantage after Friday's drama.

When we got home today Jon made us all mugs of hot chocolate while he enjoyed a couple of beers that the neighbors brought over this morning as thanks for Jon and Joe shoveling their driveway.  Although, it's snowed so much now that you can barely see where he shoveled.

Now I'm left to wonder that if after all the snow this weekend will there be school tomorrow?  Probably not, as it seems many school have already posted that they are closing for the day, though not ours, not yet.  To say that I would enjoy another snow day with the kids would be a vast understatement.  More sledging and hot chocolate sounds fab to me!

Joe was such a big help to Jon clearing the drive and walkways.

Our little house, all covered in snow.

January 20, 2013


Luke and Hailie Girl said...

LOVE! and we finally got a glimpse of your house :) more please!

Biscuits 'N Gravy said...

My Mom always says it looks like a Harry Potter house. I wish she meant Hogwarts and not privet drive. Hahaha!