Monday, March 4, 2013

London - I just can't get enough of it!

I love, love, love London.  Well, I love visiting London, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't want to live there, but I love visiting and I love taking visitors there when they are in town. I see something new every time I'm there and just can't get enough of the history.  I usually tell people that London is like Washington D.C. and New York in one.

A friend of ours, and coworker of Jon's, came to visit in September and so we visited London with him for the weekend.

The highlight of our visit was definitely the British Museum.  It was AMAZING!  I have long said that The Field Museum in Chicago was my favorite, but I think it may have been replaced with the British Museum.  The items that they have procurred is astronomical (and probably slightly immoral in their procurement) and the sheer size of the collections is staggering. 


Love the bronze diving figures on the roof.

Horse Guards.

Joe with the Mounted Trooper of the Household Cavalry.

Joci with the Mounted Trooper of the Household Cavalry.

Downing Street, Number 10, just down the road there.

Admiralty Arch.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Parliament Square.

Churchill Memorial in Parliament Square.

Westminster Abbey.

Just hanging around outside the Abbey.

On the Thames River Cruise.

On the Thames River Cruise.

Tower Bridge...Gorgeous.

The Shard, almost completed.
September, 2012

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