Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Here the spider situation is a world apart than that in Arizona.  Let's face it, in Arizona the spiders are BADDIES!  They can even kill you or at least make you very ill.  Here, well, spiders can be a nuisance, but are not poison and aren't going to hurt you.  In fact, they are a welcome sight in the garden as that means they will be eating all the other little critters that are after our flowers.

 The other day Joseph and Jon found this little next of spiders, and then a couple more.  They were big furry cocoons full of tiny little spiders.  A bit creepy, true, but also very fascinating.  Take a look...Joe was tracking them all afternoon watching their every move.  We now find a few little babies here and there and each time Joe exclaims that it must be the same ones.

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