Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet Jarvis!

When we moved to England we knew we wouldn't be able to take our sweet Boxer, Clay, with us.  Logan had gotten out and we could never locate him, even with tags and a microchip.  Clay was older, had severe arthritis, and really hated the cold.  We searched for a family to take him, one that would love on him and after awhile we found a nice (we thought) lady, the mother of a friend of ours.  She fawned all over him and we were happy that he would be with someone that would love him.  Little did we know that she was going to turn around and take him straight to the pound.  We got a call about a week later saying that he was there and was being held as aggressive.  Long story short, Boxer Luv Rescue ended up saving our Clay and he was placed with a family that loved on him till he passed away while we were in England.  We always said that we wanted to adopt from Boxer Luv when we got back to the states, a senior dog, just like our Clay.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.  We had talked to Mom about adopting a senior boxer and she was cautiously on board, but she wanted to do it around Christmas as a gift for the family.  Then, on Facebook I heard that BLR was worried as they only had so many foster spaces and too many boxers to rescue.  I contacted them, and they jumped at the chance to place a senior boy with us.  It was earlier than we wanted, but I truly feel like this scenario was meant to be.  We got Jarvis the next day.

He looks so much like Clay it's uncanny.  And, I've accidentally called him Clay a few times.  But, he is the sweetest, most mellow, consciencious dog I've ever seen.  He follows Mom and the kids around a lot.  He's learned to stay out of the kitchen while we're cooking, he doesn't really bark, and just generally loves to be loved on.  He hasn't had much training that we can see, but is smart as a whip.  He loves being outside and lounging in the grass on warm days and he really loves being with the kids.

Speaking of the kids, they have really taken to him more than we thought, especially Joci.  They play with him and have started working on training with him as well.  Joe took a nap with him the other day on the floor, and Joci loves to play with him in the yard.  But, the most touching relationship he has is with Mom.  He really follows her around, checking on her and seeing what she's up to, and I think she's really loving the attention.

To say he came at a time when we needed him, is an understatement.  He is so lovely and sweet, and we need him, I think, as much as he needs us.
Joci with Jarvis on the day that we got him.  He was still very woozy from the anesthesia.

December, 2013

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