Wednesday, October 21, 2015

School Lock-down Drill

Today both of my kids had 'lock-down' drills at their schools.  They told me about them on the ride home from gymnastics today.  They also included that they have not yet had a tornado drill yet.  When they told me that, all I could think is that it must be because the likelihood of having an armed intruder enter their school is higher than a tornado, and that literally made me sick to my stomach.

My children today practiced how to hide from armed assailants and 'hope' that they make it out okay.  Everything in me became angry that this is even a thing to be considered.  That this is a reality.  I used to be very pro-gun.  I grew up around guns, my Dad had them, they were never locked, we were taught to respect them.  After having kids, though, my views have changed.  My children's well being is more important than being able to have an arsenal in a home, and after living in England, well, there is scant gun violence there.  I felt safe there.  I NEVER worried about my kids at school, certainly not that there would be some crazy trying to get famous by killing kids while in school.  Living in England showed us that there is a more civilized way to live.

I am angry that gun violence is so prevalent in the city that I love and live so close to, Chicago.  Every week they have a tally of all the people injured or killed over the weekend and it is appalling.  My friends in England never understood how Americans could just let it go on and on.  Especially after the Sandy Hook shootings.  They wanted to know why we allow so many guns, and I realized how hard it was to explain...because we feel entitled to them...?

Our children should feel safe in their schools.  They shouldn't have to worry that some maniac, who is feeling thrown away and ignored, can come into their school and kill kids and teachers to become famous.

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