Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

We had such a fun Christmas this year!

Both kids had performances.  Joe had a band performance and Joci had a chorus performance.  Both were so much fun.  It doesn't get much better than watching your child perform something they worked so desperately hard on.  Their proud faces seeking you out in the crowd and smiling shyly from the stage.

Mom was here practically the entire month of December.  She got to see the kids' performances, their birthdays, Christmas and New Years.  Her help here was undeniable, and just her prescence is so comforting.  Everyone is just that much happier and the kids just love being with her

One of my favorite tradition that we've done for so many years is Jon reading 'The Night Before Christmas' to the kids.  We have a beautiful copy that Nonnie gave us.  It is a gorgeous, intricate pop up book with the full poem within.  The kids always love seeing the pop ups and Jon loves that it's his and his alone.  I like watching him read to them.

Of course, Christmas morning the kids are terribly excited, looking forward to opening gifts and their stockings.  I love to watch each person open a present, each and every one of them.  That's why I insist that we open them all one at a time.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Joci talking with Santa.  He was lovely.  He asked her lots of questions and made her giggle.

Santa asked Joe lots of questions, as well, and I loved how easily Joe enjoyed talking with him.

One of our favorite Santas ever!  We were at a little village craft fair and he was there for visits.  Not many kids there and so we had lots of time with Santa, and he was just lovely to ours.

Making Gingerbread men!

Jon reading 'The Night Before Christmas' pop up book to the kids on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day, 2015

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