Monday, May 4, 2009

Bad Mommy!

I have learned a very valuable lesson, and hopefully, it will not cost anyone their life.

Let me explain…

We have a new puppy, our two older dogs, a baby tortoise, and some fish. We have a regular menagerie going.

We have been trying to acclimate the older dogs to the tortoise being the in the back yard together. Always being very careful to keep an eye out for Moto-Moto, our tortoise.

Well, I messed up. We had our little neighbor girl over and they wanted to play with Moto-Moto. That’s fine, I said, as long as we lookout for him. Well, it turns out none of us looked out for him at all, and since I was the adult on duty, it’s simply my fault, what happened.

Jon left with his brother to place an OTB for the Kentucky Derby. While they were gone our neighbor (little girl’s Dad) stayed and chatted with me. All was great until…

Joe suddenly realized Moto-Moto was missing. The search was on, we were all involved looking everywhere until our neighbor noticed that Logan (our adult white lab) was actively CHEWING on little Moto-Moto. Then Joe saw it. Our neighbor got him out of Logan’s mouth. I rinsed him off with the hose and immediately put him back in his turtle box.

Jon and Chris came home and Jon was angry with Logan. I have to say, as unhappy as I am that it all happened, I can’t really blame Logan. After all, Moto-Moto looks like a moving ball, and it was MY job to keep him safe.

We slathered antibacterial cream all over the punctures on Moto-Moto. One of his little tiles was loose, and he had a big gash with some blood on it. So far, he seems ok. I hope he makes it.

Joe was upset. He never cried, which surprised me, but he was very depressed over it all. He asked a lot of questions, most of which we couldn’t answer. That and he was MAD at Logan.

I feel so awful. It was MY responsibility to watch out for that poor little creature, and I let him and my kids down.

New rule: No Moto-Moto and Dog mixing right now!

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