Monday, August 10, 2009

Joe's First Day of Kindergarten

I'm sure there are about 5 billion posts today about the first day of school out there in the blogesphere. But, I don't care, here's one more...

My handsome son started his first day of school in Kindergarten today. We were all really excited, except for Joci. She had a really rough time with Joe starting school. She threw a couple of fits, had to pack her own backpack, wanted to got to her dance class, and was generally mopey the entire day. Even tonight before bed all she wanted was to be held and cuddled. I think they both missed each other terribly.

Apparently Joe did an amazing job today. He made one friend so far, but forgot what her name was. He had five (?) recesses, and got to read a book about a racoon's first day of school and made a cute racoon and handprint page to go with it. You know how much he loves crafts, so I think that was right up his alley. He even got a little favor pack with his favorite treat in it...a tootsie roll pop.
Many people asked me today how I was doing. I surprised myself, yet again, for being stronger than I thought I would be. I didn't cry, in fact, I wasn't sad at all. I was so excited that Joe was starting this big new step for himself and that he was excited to try something new. I was excited to hear all about his day. I pretty much sped through my day, constantly wondering what he was doing at that time and if he liked the lunch that he made himself. I couldn't wait to pick him up so we could talk about his day.
What a fun time in our lives this is. I'm so proud of my sweet son, and so proud of myself for handling a huge change so well.

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waitecamp said...

I didn't know you had a blog...I'm so excited to have a new blogging friend!

Our first day of school is youngest is going to be missing his Sister's terribly as well!

I love your pictures....your a great photographer;)