Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spontaneous Family Fun

Even though we were all exhausted yesterday our little family had such a fun night.

Jon made dinner, which both of the kids really liked. He ran into a little prep emergency and actually asked my opinion about what he should do. We came up with the solution together…aw teamwork! He made chicken alfredo with lots of cheese. It was very yummy and filling.

Next we all relaxed in the Living Room. Jon and I catching up on our day’s events and the kids started playing hide and seek. Joe is the fastest counter in the country; we had to slow him down a little so Joci would have enough time to hide. We started to help both kids hide because, I’ll be honest here, they are certainly not the best at this.

After awhile we ran out of hiding spaces and switched to Eye Spy (with my little eye)… Joci wasn’t really interested in this one, but Joe started to understand the concept quickly. Of course, when you started getting close to answering his riddle, he would switch them around. Either that or he would look right at the object before declaring the color. He got better, though, as we went.

When we were gamed out we relaxed for a bit watching a magic program on TV. I loved listening to Joe wonder out loud “How’d they do that?”, and Joci sat in her favorite place, right in front of me so we can snuggle. We let them stay up for a little while to finish the magic show. Jocelyn had a hard time wanting to head up to bed, but once up there she was out cold.

I love these moments. Those unscripted, times as a family where we all connect and laugh and snuggle and love on each other, without it being a huge effort or a big event. Those are the times that I cherish and hold in my heart, hoping that I will remember them forever.

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