Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad Ass!

My daughter is a total Bad-Ass!

This last week I took the kids to their 6 month dentist appointment. They noticed that Jocelyn had a bit of an infection above her top-right front tooth that had a root canal done in it last year, that and it was REALLY loose. Their dentist, Dr. Ash, decided that it was time for that little baby to come out. They encouraged Joci to wiggle it as much as possible and if she didn't get it out soon, then they would have to take it out in 2 months.

So, she's been wiggling, and wiggling, and wiggling for a few days now. Tonight, though, as Jon and I were putting the kids to bed, she decided she wanted that tooth out. She wiggled forward, backward, and even side to side, bloodying her mouth a bit, until it finally came out.

She was so proud, and even said it didn't hurt. Joe rushed in and we all marveled at how awesome she was.

We put her tooth in a little tooth box and stuck in under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy.


Luke and Hailie Girl said...

Congrats Joci! Hopefully that toothfairy took care of you! Your kids are way ahead of mine! Not one loose tooth on our end..

HahahaComedy said...

Adorable, but gross! :P