Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, the croup has visited our house, again, *sigh*. I really, really hate the croup. It's had a nasty history in our home, and I wish it would go away forever. It almost seems like a curse. First, there's the cough. The moment I hear it, my spine shivers with dread. Then there is the fever and thus the constant monitoring of weazing vs. rough breathing. Making sure that enough oxygen is getting in the lungs, with breathing treatments every 4 hours. Constantly wondering what their pulse/ox count is. Hoping, praying that it doesn't get so low, that my baby becomes listless or that their lips turn blue. Will there be another ambulance ride or hospital stay?

Having children with asthma obviously provides it's own set of obstacles. But, the croup, it's just so dangerous for them, so scary for me. At it's worst, the croup, for us, has turned into pneumonia.

Jocelyn started coughing this last Tuesday night. I stayed home with her on Wednesday, nursing her through breathing treatments and lots of hugs, making sure she got the rest that she needed. Jon stayed with her Thursday. Thursday night I cried before falling asleep. Friday night Joci and Joe stayed overnight at my parent's house. We were confident that they could care for her with her nebulizer and medicine. Little did we know that her ear would perforate, again. Mom stayed up with her all night, holding her and rocking her through the tears. At least after her eardrum gave way, she was more comfortable.

Today Joseph woke up, coughing (not croupy, thankfully), with a fever, and all stuffed up. Both have had breathing treatments all day, motrin, and mucinex, and then flonase. Tomorrow, well, I don't know. Tonight I will pray that they feel good enough to go to school and daycare, and that the lovely little itch developing in the back of my throat (!) will go away.

I hate the croup.

This is what the croup has looked like in the past...
And this last week...

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