Monday, May 30, 2011

Willen Lake Park

I decided to have a day off this week, don't hate me, and avoid all duties to be done. I took the kids to Ikea, we had lunch with Jon and his workmates, and then we headed to Willen Lake park. Another AMAZINGLY beautiful park here just within miles. There are so many parks here it's crazy, and I love it. The next one we're going to explore is Monkston's park.

At Willen Lake Park they have a big path that goes all the way around the lake. Past the Budhist temple, the peace pagoda, and St. Mary Magdalene church (we didn't go that far). There is also an automated waterski park, playground, and much, much more.

The kids weren't that excited about the walk that we took, but they loved the playground. One girl asked Joe to promise he would come back the next day, man, the girls just love him! We are in so much trouble in the future.

Enjoy the pics...

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