Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to London and The Dr. Who Experience

We have been wanting to do the Dr. Who experience for the kids for awhile now and decided to just do it already.  We left for London early and went straight to the Dr. Who Experience.  It was a surprise for the kids as they didn't know where we were going until we got into a taxi to get there.

The Experience was so much fun.  I knew the kids would have a great time, but Jon and I definitely did as well.  Since being in England we have been watching Dr. Who as a family quite a bit and it is Joe's favorite right now.  He went as the Dr. for Halloween and is obsessed with all the toys, etc., as well.  Joci really likes Dr. Who as well and so it was a great choice.  We got to drive the Tardis and we were attacked by Daleks.  Then we flew into the space/time vortex in a 3D wormhole.  The kids took some fun pictures, of them flying away with the Tardis and driving the Tardis, and I got lots of pictures of the different aliens and costumes.

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