Sunday, November 20, 2011

Old Wardour Castle

After we visited Stonehenge we still had quite a bit of time and decided to look through our new English Heritage book for an idea of something close by that we could go and see.  We ended up at Old Wardour castle.  The castle is beautiful, romantic, and absolutely fascinating.  The castle was built in the late 1300's and then destroyed in the English civil war in 1644.  A new castle was built on the property leaving this one as Old Wardour castle.

To get to the castle we followed our sat nav down many one lane roads, that were lined by a beautiful wood shedding it's leaves into the autumn air.  One of the most gorgeous drives I've ever been on.  At the end of this winding road was one of the most serene estates with a reflective lake and rolling hills all around, and...quiet.  It was so quiet there.  We even saw two deer meandering through a meadow close by.

The most amazing part of the castle is that you are actually allowed access to walk completely through it, ancient ruins and all.  You got to see all the nooks and crannies and imagine how people lived then in their small rooms and many fireplaces.  It would be the most amazing place to be able to camp out overnight in.

For more information on Old Wardour castle go here.

 The view of the lake from Old Wardour castle.  I could easily get used to that view.

 The front entrance of the castle.

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