Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Guinness Storehouse

Yes, yes, I did take my children into the Guinness Storehouse, and, yes, I did let them both have a sip off of a pint of Guinness.  Admittedly, at first I was not excited about going to Guinness.  I don't really drink much, so to me it looked boring.  But, to be honest, it was a lot of fun and very interesting.

We didn't want to do the tour as it was late in the day, we just thought we would hit the gift shop and have a pint.  Little did we know that the Storehouse was an open door building and we had access to just about everything once we went in.

In the center of the Storehouse rising up levels above the modern design is shaped as a giant pint glass.  In fact, if you were to fill the pint it would hold 14.3 million pints of Guinness.  It's all glass and escalators and seem to go up forever.  Also, in the Atrium there is the original lease that founder Arthur Guinness signed for 9000 (not a typo, it really is for 9000 years) years. There are older parts of the building tucked here and there, too.  Guinness is famous for it's vintage advertisements, and those were everywhere as well.

We ended up eating in one of the Guinness bars in the Storehouse.  Everything had Guinness in it, from the bread on our sandwiches to the hearty vegetable soup.  All the food was very good.

We hit the gift shop and spent a good lot there, I still haven't burned my Guinness candle as of yet, but need to do so soon.

All in all a lot more fun that I could have imagined.

View of the Atrium, or from the bottom of the pint glass upwards.

Guinness Storehouse in Ireland
December 27th, 2011

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