Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Jocelyn!

I just cannot believe that I am a mother to a six year old and an eight year old.  Every December I am confronted with both kids' birthdays and always come away in awe over the time that has flown by since their last birthday and the progress they've made over that year.

No less could be said of Joci.  In fact, she has made so many changes in the last year she seems like a whole new person, little person.  She has just about grown out of all of her clothes and has become a tights with a skirt wearing fiend.  She lost her two front bottom teeth, and now has a large, gaping hole where her four front teeth used to be.  Maybe this year she'll get some new teeth in.  She has literally learned to read since June of 2011, which to me is just amazing.  Joci is still struggling a bit with school, but is making huge progress.  Her sense of humor is so funny, and she has a belly laugh that shakes her whole body as she throws her head back to laugh at whatever it is that is so funny.  Joci still loves to sing and dance and make up little tales of horrible stepsisters and beautiful princesses.  One of my favorite new things about her, though, is her emerging English accent.  Having learned to read here and starting school here, she is the one in our family that has picked up an accent the most, and I just love hearing her talk.

Jocelyn got to celebrate her actual birthday in Dublin, which we thought was really special, but she wasn't too excited about at first.  But, she did get to have her favorite food, chicken wings, for her birthday and she got to open all of her family gifts in the hotel.  Later, we had a big party for her, a disco dance party, with all her friends from school and those we've met. 

Joci LOVES chicken wings.  We were so lucky to have a TGI Fridays next door to our hotel that had them so that she could have her favorite food on her birthday.  The waitress was concerned that we had ordered spicy wings for her, we had to reassure her that our little Lulu loves spicy food.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, smart, kind, funny girl.  I love you so much!

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