Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lake Havasu, Arizona

After spending a few glorious days with my parents, shopping, eating, and just spending time with each other it was time for a road trip.  We decided on the road trip after some friends of ours here, in England, had told us they were going to be visiting Las Vegas while they were in the States at the same time as we were and we hadn't been to Vegas in quite a long time.  We all drove up together in the old van pulling my parent's new trailer.  We took the long way around so that we could pull the trailer a bit easier, but also so we could stop in Lake Havasu on the way there.  We wanted to stop in Havasu as Jon and the kids had never seen it, and it has the actual London Bridge in it.  Side note on the London Bridge:  Whenever you hear about it here, there are always comments about how an American thought he was buying the Tower Bridge, and was a bit misled into buying the London Bridge instead.  In Arizona, it's more of a tourist attraction and thought of as bringing a bit of England.  So, we had to get some pictures of the London Bridge.

I'll admit at this point, that I did not have a very good time in Havasu.  I'm not a big 'camper', not even in a nice trailer, and somehow or another I got a weird sunburn/allergic reaction thing on my legs that even gave me a fever later that evening.  That aside, we did have some fun.

Mom took the kids fishing, just as she promised, even though it was pretty much a certainty that they wouldn't catch anything there.  It didn't matter, though, they had a blast fishing with Grandma, and Grandma relished every moment of being with the kids.

Later, we decided on some $1 tacos at The Javelina Cantina.  They were amazing!  Joe killed three and a half tacos all on his own, they were that good!
Grandma fishing with Joe and Joci.  They had so much fun!

Joe holding Max (his traveling mate from his teacher in England that everyone gets to take home on the weekends and write in his travel journal and put photos in) in front of the London Bridge

The air was abuzz with sparrows flying back and forth to their little mud houses just under the eaves of the bridge.

Our little Hooge family in front of the actual London Bridge.

Lake Havasu, Arizona
April 4, 2012

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