Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vegas Baby!

After Havasu, we drove up to Las Vegas.  On the way into town we stopped and had an In 'N Out burger...yum!  We parked my parent's trailer at a close by casino park, which was quite a lovely little place.  Then Mom and Dad dropped us off at Treasure Island, they wanted a night alone, and we decided to rest for a bit by the pool.  Big, HUGE, mistake.  It was so windy, too windy, really.  We were waiting to hear from our friends and so Jon took his phone down poolside, wrapped it in a towel so it wouldn't get splashed on and set it about 6 feet from the pool.  We all got in the freezing cold pool and just as the fun started Jon's phone, still wrapped in the towell, was swept into the pool by the wind.  So Jon gets out, tries to dry off the phone and decides to get everyone a fruity drink.  That's about the time we were ordered to get out of the pool by the life guard as a kid had just puked in the pool.  So, we're back to our lounges, freezing in the wind, drinking our fruity frozen drinks when the drinks get blown over and Joci's flip flops get blown away as well.  That's when we decided we were done with the pool, never to return!

We met up with our friends and walked the strip.  At one point the winds were so strong that Joseph was literally almost blown away, skidding backwards towards the street, laughing the entire way until my friend and I were able to catch him.  We had a little snack in the Monte Carlo and kept on walking.  Our friends were absolutely blown away by the size and opulence of Vegas.  I love the bathrooms, which are always super clean and huge and very convenient when you have children that need to use the loo every ten minutes.  We ate dinner at the New York, New York, eating a huge pastrami sandwich and a bit of pizza for the kids.  We decided to go down to Fremont street to take in the light show and ended up buying coats for the kids as it had gotten so cold by that time with the wind.  The kids were done in, though, and it was time to head back to the hotel.  The kids literally fell into bed.

The next day we met up with my parents after the most expensive breakfast we ever had.  We walked over to the Venetian for a special moment.  You see, when Jon asked me to marry him, he did it on the gondola at the Venetian.  So, all these years later we took our children on the ride with us and it was so nice.  I'm sure the kids thought it was ok, and the moment a little lost on them, but hopefully they'll understand more when they're a bit older.  We did quite a bit that day after meeting with our friends from the UK.  We had an amazing lunch next to the Trevi fountain in Caesar's Palace, watched the big fountain show at the Belaggio, and the saw the Easter gardens inside the Belaggio which were AMAZING.  Later, my parents watched all of our children and took them (in the big van) to In 'N Out again, while we all went out to a proper Mexican restaurant and did a little gambling our last night in Vegas.  

Garden at the Belaggio.

Joci loved the garden at the Belaggio!

My beautiful Mom in front of this amazing 'painting' completely done in flowers.

I love this picture of Jocelyn.  She stood there for a long time admiring the 'painting' taking in all the colors.

The Chihuly ceiling in the Belaggio.

My gorgeous baby girl.
The only time I've ever seen a spiral escalator inside Caesar's Palace.

The kids got a kick out of seeing themselves on the telly.

Inside Caesar's Palace.

The Trevi Fountain inside Caesar's Palace.  We ate our posh lunch right next to the fountain.

Joe had a great time with his best friend.  What an amazing experience to be able to travel around the world and meet up with your best buddy!

Paris Paris in Las Vegas.
New York New York in Las Vegas.

I finally got to see the fountains going at the Bellagio.  It was fantastic.

Night view from our hotel window.

On our gondola ride at The Venetian.

Las Vegas, Nevada
April, 2012

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