Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Little Runnin Man

    Since Joseph was tiny and playing flag football in the States I've known that he loves to run.  He would run the ball for a touchdown, once scoring 23 points in a game.  He's always liked to race his friends and his favorite part of soccer was running up and down the field.  Recently, we told a friend of ours about this and that I had long been looking for a running partner or program for Joe to run with/in, and our generous friend started taking Joe out on weekend runs.  Apparently, he is really impressed with how well Joe had done as he gave him one of his marathon medals for making so much improvement in just a few outings.  Unfortunately, our sweet friend had to move out of the country, but the night before he left he made Joseph promise him that he would continue his running, and of course Joe agreed.  Since, another friend of ours has taken Joe and done some circuit training with him and we think we may have found a program for him to join. 

    After school today I decided to take the kids to the park for a little play time, especially since the weather was gorgeous today.  Joe decided that he wanted to do some running and circled the big park 20 times, jogging a nice even pace and counting each lap around.  I challenged at first to do 5 laps, and he challenged himself to 20.  I love his determination.  I love his persistence.  I love that he has such passion for it.  I love that he's good at it.  When I watched him run today, I was beaming with pride for my son. 

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