Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring is FINALLY Here!

Yay!  It's finally springtime in England!  We have had a long, cold winter here.  In fact a friend of ours estimated that it had been over seven months since we had a day in the 50s!  Brrrrrrr. 

The daffodils are coming out, one of my favorite things about Milton Keynes is the amount of daffodils planted EVERYWHERE here.  As soon as I saw them sprouting I knew I wanted to get some pictures of the kids with them.  So, I decided to take them down to the park this morning with serious ulterior motives of getting some photos, and then letting them play and blow off some energy a bit at the playground, too.

These are the results.  I'm totally in love with some of these photos. 
Some gorgeous flowers in our neighbor's front garden.

So happy together!

Joci made me save these flowers in my pocket for 'later'.

My favorite park to walk.  So love seeing spring coming on the landscape.

We were excited that we got to see the swans nesting.  The mama swan sitting on her nest was stretching out her neck picking up sticks to stack on her next.  Papa swan was NOT happy with people that would walk by him on the path.

Love this one of Joe.  He's such a cute little goofball sometimes.

Like this one of Joci.  She can be really 'honest' with the camera at times. 
Gorgeous girl.

Joseph checking to see if the creek had any tadpoles in it.

And, him showing Joci where they were.

Joci was a little scared to go over the top of this net.  She eventually did it, on her own.  I was so proud of her for wanting to do it even though she was terrified.

Walking back towards home.

Peek a Boo!

Joseph found a little 'den' that the gardeners made when they were staking up this hedge.  He and Joci thought it was 'soooooo cool' that it was a secret hideout.

Love this picture of my handsome boy!

Goofy girl peering out from their hideout.

April 21, 2013

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