Monday, August 5, 2013

Jocelyn's Leaver's Assembly

Each year at the end of school the Year 2 classes hold a Leaver's Assembly to say goodbye to the Year 2 children moving up to the junior school.  They are very often a tear-jerking experience, saying goodbye to a lovely school and teachers and the school that they've been at for 3 years. 

This year I sat and watched Jocelyn enjoy her last time in the hall, singing and reading (her favorite time at Merebrook) and looking quite adorable.  I can't believe that she is done with her school and moving up to year 3.  She suddenly seems to be growing faster than what I can keep up.  I can feel my time with her slipping through my fingers.  Soon she'll want nothing to do with me and I will wonder where all that time with her went to.  Makes me a bit sad, truthfully.

But, I'll always have the memories of her singing and laughing and having a good time at her Leaver's Assembly.
I did Joci's hair special for her, to look like a princess.

Joci had to dress up like a princess to be at a banquet.

Joci and her BFF since Foundation.

Joci with her LOVELY teacher.  We couldn't have asked for a better teacher for her.

July 17, 2013

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