Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School

Well, well, well.  This is pretty lame.  I'm posting about the first day of school when my last posting is about the last day of school and have done nothing in between.  I guess that goes to show we had a nice full summer.  I never promised that this blog would be in chronological order...did I?

I was definitely ready for school to start.  The kids and I had loads of fun, but I am certainly ready for a little alone time and to get back to our routine.

I've had a hard time coming to terms with Jocelyn starting junior school, the same that Joseph already attends, this year.  She will be in Year 3, Joe in Year 5.  My baby is no longer a baby.  She is very much her own person, with her own personality, her own likes and dislikes, her own gestures and way of speaking.  Joci still likes to cuddle and gives tons of hugs and kisses, she still has her favorite blankie (a new one that Grandma made for her), and unfortunately she still sucks her thumb whenever she can get away with it.  She looked so grown up in her dress today for school, in red, no longer yellow.  She was so excited this morning while getting ready and during our walk, but when we rounded the corner she grabbed on to me and said "it's so big and there's too many people".  She was quite clingy until we saw her friends and then she was back to her happy, sassy ways.  It did take us awhile to figure out which door to go into, where to put her lunch box and bookbag, but once that was done.  She was off and ready to go.  Bless her, my big girl.

Joseph, on the other hand, was as cool and confident as a cucumber.  He was excited to join his class, his has the biggest classroom, and really couldn't wait to leave Joci and I and join his friends and class.  He was up and raring to go quite early and was very chatty on the way to school.  I wish I could have walked in with him as well, but he was off and didn't really appear to need me at all.  Joe is growing so fast, as well.  Where did the last nine years go? 

I walked back to our house, it was so quiet when I closed the door, and immediately my mind began to race with all the things that needed to be done.  Back to the grind, back to the schedule. 

When the kids came home they excitedly told me about their day.  Joe did see Joci a couple of times during the day, though Joci did not see Joe.  They enjoyed their lunches (chicken and cheese sandwich, cucumber, apple, and a yogurt), and both seemed to have teachers suited to them.  Joe's teacher had them do a large sunflower craft based on Vincent VanGough, Joci's teacher had them play miscellaneous games including one for numeracy.  I was so happy and relieved that both of them came home with big smiles on their faces and lovely stories of their day.

Best First Day of School EVER!

On their way to school.

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I love how she and her friends were holding hands.  So sweet.

This should pretty much be captioned "Enough with the pictures!"

Finally settled in class and working on her name word search. 
September 4, 2013

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