Thursday, September 12, 2013

Woburn Village Festival

This last weekend Jon took us to the Woburn Village Oyster Festival.  Mostly, so that I could have oysters.  He's so sweet that way.  It was pretty busy and in a little market town that I loved.  They had an amazing flea market set up, lots of games and rides for the kids, oysters, mussels, sausages, and music.  Joci had a great time dancing to the big band music.  She told me that she'd like to play the trumpet.  Joe actually tried mussels, Joci did too, but Joe truly liked them.  Nobody tried an oyster with me.  I found a gorgeous antique platter for the kitchen.  We all had fun.  It was a good time.
I promise, Jon was having fun, that's just his picture smile.

Joci and I tried on pretty, fancy hats.

I took this picture with my phone's camera that adds action shots together to make one shot.  Pretty cool,, huh?
September 7, 2013

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