Sunday, October 5, 2014

Missing Grandpa

There are times when, since Dad has left us, that break my heart.  Earlier, Joci had kind of disappeared and I went looking for her downstairs.  Apparently, she was making a book and told me she was almost done with it and I could see after it was done.
This is what she made:
"What I do with my Grandpa.  by JHooge"

"In the morning I go to get some donuts with him."

"I go garage-saling with him."

"I got to bed in his bed and we watch t.v. together."

"We invite my cousins over and we play with them."

Joci, "But when I was sad, is when he died.  We never got to do the fun things no more."

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Sometimes I think they are moving along, all fine, and then this happens and I wonder if she's really okay.  I gave Jocelyn a great big hug and told her how sad I was that Grandpa had to go when she was so young, but that I was so glad she got to have so many special times with him and that she remembers them so well.  I told her that her Grandpa loved her so much.  Then she had to go to the bathroom, and while she was in there I cried.  I miss you, Dad.  You were just an AMAZING Grandpa!

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