Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Appreciating the little things our Spouses do.

I was sort of tagged by another blog, see here, to appreciate the little things that our spouses do, and so here goes: He makes dinner almost every night. Mostly because he doesn’t seem to like the same things I like to make and, well, I take too long to cook. Last night he made chicken parmesan. He even made me corned beef and cabbage last night so that I could have it for lunch today.

When we first met and before we got married I made sure that he understood, I don’t really do ‘outdoors’. I like to go outside, yes, but then I like to go back inside again. I do not like camping, at all, and I do not do yard-work. The most outdoorsy I get is planting flowers or growing a small garden. He has never complained about this.

He takes out the trash for me because we get it so full that it’s too heavy to lift, and takes the barrels to the curb for trash pick up.

He knows how to buy a gift. He really pays attention to things I may mention wanting and works hard to get them for me.

He encourages me to go out and do things separately from him.

He is a really hands-on father. He doesn’t leave taking care of the kids up to me.

I haven’t had to pick-up the dog poop for a really long time. He also feeds and waters the dogs unless he’s out of town.

He is always the one that cleans out the garage, which is usually messing from the stuff that I dump into it.

He always encourages me to do my hobbies and take time out for myself when I need it.

He cuts the cakes at the kids' birthday parties and keeps the party flowing while I am too busy talking to the other Moms.

He coaches Joe’s flag football team, which I think is really cool. He’s a very good coach and always has lots of people asking for him to coach their kids.

Now, if I could just get him to clean his toilet and make the bed, he’d be damn near perfect!

Love you baby!

Now it’s your turn. Think about the little things your spouse does for you. There are probably many more than you think about.

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