Friday, September 25, 2009

National Turn it Off Week - Day 1

So this is National Turn it Off Week. At the beginning of the week I was, like any good diet, excited and filled with confidence in our ability to turn off the tv and the games and limit our computer use. Naturally as the week wore on, it became harder and harder to abide to my technology diet. And, it was definitely me, mostly me, that had the most difficult time quitting cold turkey. By Friday all bets were off. So, while we absolutely reduced our dependency on the digital mediums, we did end up giving in to the siren call of the boob tube.

Monday we did go to an event sponsored by our town. It was considered a tailgate party held at one of our local recreation centers and was sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. Sparky (ASU's mascot) was there and the kids had a great time playing with him.

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