Sunday, September 6, 2009

Top Cat

We are all so proud of Joe.
This last week he was made 'Top Cat' of his class in school, it's sort of like Student of the Week. His teacher told us that she typically awards her Kindergarten Top Cats alphabetically, but since there had been a few kids with excellent behavior, she just had to award it that way. Thus, Joe was the first Top Cat in his class.

They do a warning system in his class. There are three different colors, if you stay on Green then you've had no warnings, yellow is one, and then if you're on red you get a note sent home. Most everyone in Joe's class has been on at least a yellow, except him. Everyday he brings home a behavior card for us to sign, and each and every day it has a smiley face on it. He is really proud of himself for being so well behaved.

For those of you that know Jon and I are probably wondering where in the world he gets his amazing behavior from, as it's obviously not from us and how we were in school. Well, I have to say it's due, at least a little bit, to our parenting and how much we have stressed how important school is. That's what I tell myself anyway.

The school announced his name on the morning announcements, he got to put a top cat with his name up in the principal's office, and he got a neat little plastic cup with Top Cat on it. That night we took Joe out to dinner to celebrate being Top Cat. He told the waitress all about his award and she brought him a complementary canolli. Then this whole week he brought fun stuff home for being Top Cat. the coolest of them being a book that made him the VIP. It had lots of stuff in it about him and then each kid in the class and his teacher colored a page for him to put in his book.

It was so awesome to see him feel so appreciated and honored. Even better was when his friend, Justin, was chosen as the new Top Cat. He was genuinely excited for his friend. I love that he has such a generous heart. He is such a sweet and giving boy.

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