Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joe's Kindergarten Graduation

This morning was just amazing. My baby boy graduated from Kindergarten today. The entire Kindergarten class put on a program full of the kids singing and dancing.

I am so proud of my sweet son. He is a very bright boy, well behaved, sympathetic, and everyone's friend. He has learned so much just in Kindergarten this year, it's so much more than just pasting leaves to construction paper.
Jocelyn was not very pleased about having to wait for the program to start.

Yup, Joe was the letter 'C' and did a great job!

Joe getting his diploma from his awesome Teacher.

There were cookies, so Jocelyn quickly got her sugar rush on.

Joe's Teacher, Mrs. G. We couldn't have asked for a better Teacher for him. I hope he's just as lucky next year in the 1st Grade.

Grandma and Grandpa helped a lot. I really liked this picture. Yes, another cookie for Joci.

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