Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Francisco Vacation

I had a fantastic time in San Francisco last week. I joined Jon on his business trip and really explored San Francisco. I did a lot of walking and used a lot of public transportation. On my own I saw Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Boudin, took a Golden Gate/Alcatraz boat trip, ate at the Imperial Palace in China Town (and met Martin Yan from 'Yan Can Cook' there), Powell Street and Union Square, and yes, I rode on both the streetcars and the trolley.

To say I was a bit tired after just a couple of days would be a vast understatement, but I tried to 'Carry On' and have a great time with Jon over the weekend. Together we explored the Golden Gate bridge (there was a jumper that day:( ), Sausalito, North Beach, French Quarter, China Town, and all the great stuff in between. We also saw the Bay Bridge, Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. Jon and I had delightful lunch (Capresse with the freshest mozzarella we've ever tasted and porcini risotto) at the North Beach Restaurant, light Sangria at the Market down the street, and a superb french meal (pate, onion soup, and beof borganion, all amazing) later that night. Oh, and the night before all that, I had a fresh chopped salad at an organic restaurant in Sausalito. The romaine lettuce in the salad was by far the freshest lettuce I've ever had, I had no idea lettuce could EVER taste that good!

I love the weather in San Francisco. I tend to run hot so a cool breeze that blows all day is just fine with me. Everyone there was so very friendly and helpful, too. I liked that people were outside enjoying the weather playing and sunning in the parks, talking to each other and enjoying their city. The Farmer's market at the Ferry Building was ridiculously amazing. I wish, wish, wish, we had something even close to that here in Gilbert. There were food vendors, farmers, and crafts. We ate a Korean taco, tried super fresh goat cheese, ate enormous Asian pears, and I had fresh oysters on the half shell. If we had had a refrigerator in our hotel room, we would have bought a lot of food.

There were only 3 things I could do without. The first was the trolley's, I hated them. I know, they are treasured there and that is the first thing you think of when you think of San Francisco, but, they are overcrowded, and if you're on it, you either have a butt in your face or your butt is in some one's face. Also, the operators were surly, obviously annoyed and just plain rude. Then there are the bathrooms. Do not ever use a public bathroom while you are there. I tried to find nice restaurants and order a snack or a drink and then use their restrooms. Lastly, and I know this is part of the charm, but walking those hilly streets is a KILLER on the calves. Even the locals don't seem to care for it.

All in all it was a great time. I got to spend time with Jon alone, do a lot of sightseeing and shopping, and ate at some fantastic restaurants. I really needed the break, for sure.

Sorry for the rambling, but it's late at night and I wanted to get this posted.


Architecture I thought was beautiful:

San Francisco had art everywhere:

The Bart subway station at Powell St.:

Ship used on the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty":

The Bay Bridge:
Famous Boudin Sourdough Bakery:

The old Del Monte Cannery had a gorgeous facade:

We had a flight of wine here. I loved the way they put cut off bottles over the lights:

China Town:

Me with Martin Yan from Yan can Cook:
Fisherman's Warf:
Famous Fog City Diner:

Ghirardelli Square:

Giant's ballpark:

The Golden Gate Bridge:

Pier 45:

North Beach / Little Italy:

Lombard St. / the crookedest street:

A great Mini Park that I found just walking around, in the back of the photo you can see the street.

The Painted Ladies:

Protesters against new legistlation in Arizona:


The Sea Lions at Pier 39:

Trans America Building:
The Trolley's:


Christy said...

WOW!!! That was some trip! I have been there once and had such a great time.....your pics made me feel like I was there all over again :) I'm so glad you got to go and spend some time exploring and have some fun with your hubby!

Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Cara said...

looks like you guys had an amazing trip, makes me want to go now!

Lacey said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. How fun for you to be able to have some alone time. Great pictures!