Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gilbert Town Halloween Carnival

While we did have fun at the Gilbert Town Halloween Carnival, I personally really missed going out to Schnepf farms for our Halloween fun. The Gilbert carnival just wasn't as festive. It was a bunch of businesses with booths and just about every kind of blow up bouncy and slide you can imagine with the lines to go with it. I got some cute pictures of the kids having fun, hope you like them.

Check out the orb in the picture...a little freaky huh...?

We got a lot of kids calling out "Look at Ariel". Joci's character was pretty popular.

Love this picture. We stopped while the kids talked to a couple of other Star Wars characters. After a minute, we came to realize that the other kids were a little, um, strange. Love the look on Joe's face here. As we walked away, Joe said, "They were a little weird".
Going up this giant blow-up slide. The kids loved it.
So glad Jon made Joci wear shorts...

Joci saw this Belle and just started to walk off towards her, almost in a trance. It was so cute she REALLY thought it was the real Belle. Adorable.

Daddy, why do you have a black eye and a p on your chest?

I introduced the kids to Kettlecorn. We devoured almost the entire bag. So, crazy good. Jon wouldn't let me do Indian Fry Bread. I've always wanted to try that.
Time to go.

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