Friday, October 15, 2010

My Son Tried to Extort Money from Me!

Joe was so excited when I picked him up the other day. He showed me a picture that he took a long time creating. He had a lot of stuff on it, but I also noticed that it had $1$.50 on it. I asked him if he was hoping to get some money at Halloween and he said no. It was "how much it is". I asked him for what, and he told me for his picture. It would cost me $1.50 for his art, $2.50 if I wanted to hang it up at work, $3.50 if Grandma wanted it. I couldn't stop laughing. I called Jon, my Dad, and my Mom to tell them how clever Joe was.

Later I told him that it would probably be ok if he gave it to me since I was the one that paid for him to go to club to create the art. He argued that it was their art supplies, and then I reminded him that we pay for him to go there, and thus we pay for the supplies, too.

What a smart kid. I told him that we would start looking more into art and artists and art history. I love that he valued his work so much.

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