Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joe's Birthday Cupcakes

Have you ever seen that Keebler elves commercial with the two little girls that come home from school, run into the kitchen, grab the cookies, and there is only one cookie left in the package. Then the older sister gives the younger sister the last one, but as she is turned around, another cookie magically appears for her, placed there by the elves.

Well, while we suspend the notion that there would be only one cookie left in the package (who would do that?) I just had one of those moments, I swear I did.

I was making a double batch of cupcakes for Joe’s birthday. I needed six eggs but I only had five. I even counted them. I was so mad, I should have gotten eggs at the store and now I’ll have to go back and get eggs. Then I thought, they’re large eggs, maybe I can get away with 5. So I get the eggs back out of the fridge open it up, and there it is, the sixth egg, all the way down at the other end of the carton from the other five.

So, maybe it was there before and I didn’t see it, or perhaps I can’t count…to six. But, I like to think that it was magic.

It put me in the best mood. I just know these cupcakes are going to be AMAZING and that Joe will love them, too. After all, that’s what matters most.

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