Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Traditions and Crackin' Nuts

My Dad’s pecan tree in his back yard has finally been dropping a lot of nuts this year. On Saturday we all stood around the tree looking for nuts that were ready to be harvested. Then we quickly took them inside and sat around the table eating those and others that Dad had already picked. He got out the old nutcrackers and picks that we used when I was much younger. I was quickly transported back to sitting on my Uncle Perk’s lap at their house and raiding the always-present nut bowl there. We would happily crack the walnuts and share, although I’m sure, now, that he gave me the Lion’s share. I certainly felt the sharp pain of deeply missing him and my Aunt Rene. However, it was so much fun sharing this little memory with my children now, watching them enjoy this little tradition with their own Grandparents. What a treasured moment this will be for me recall with them as they get older.

Jon was definitely the best at getting the nuts out whole!

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