Monday, November 3, 2008


I hope you all had as much fun on Halloween as we did.

My goodness how the kids were looking forward to Halloween this year! I try to make all the holidays more fun and interesting by having lots of crafts to do, and books to read, and specials to watch, etc. I’ll admit, though, that Halloween is definitely one of my favorites. I made the kids costumes this year, a cute little bunny for Joci and a big black spider for Joe. Both of them really liked them. Joe’s arms broke a couple of times and I had his proportions off a bit, but who cares, he liked it just fine. We had some friends over from our flag football team and, of course, Grandma and Grandpa were there. Grandpa LOVES to hand out candy. We didn’t have a ton of trick-or-treaters, but just enough to keep the light flow steady. Joci, we have found, has undoubtedly bested Jon in the candyholic category. My oh my, I cannot believe how much candy she ate! Every time we would look at her she had a different piece, thanks to Grandpa! Our friends were taking bets on whether or not she would throw up! She held it all down and cried for more. Joe on the other hand was able to censor himself. Mom and I took all the kids trick-or-treating, and then we had a chili cook-off contest. I was so proud of my chili; it was the first time I’d made it, and thought it was going great, until I put WAY too much spice in it, that pretty much ruined it. Otherwise, I think I would have won. Dad/Grandpa ended up winning he, for once, didn’t over do the spiciness. Jon had his new bubble fog machine going and the kids just loved that. It was really awesome! This machine literally would fill the bubbles with fog rather than just air, so that when they burst there was a little wisp of fog each time. He dressed up as the devil, I could just shoot myself for not getting a picture of him. I helped him with his fake piercings, horns, and make up. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to make my costume, so next year I will be all set!

I love this one. Joci has already raided our candy and looks like she is deliberating about the flavor while everyone else is enthralled with the angel/ghost - don't ask!

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