Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm in Trouble!

We had such a fun girl day today.

Joe was up north with Grandpa, and so Grandma and I wanted to treat Joci to a girl day.

We started at the movies. Up was absolutely adorable, and a great story even for adults. Heck, it even made me cry.

Next we went to the mall and had lunch. Joci and I shared a sandwich and salad, and she got the chocolate chip cookie after.

Then, some serious shopping. We were on the prowl for some white sandals for Jocelyn. She has shoes, but they are all pink and I have been suplement her wardrobe with other colors.

The highlight was at JC Penneys, Grandma's favorite store. We let Joci pick out some dresses to try on, a first for her. Into the dressing room we went. Grandma got the dresses ready, Mommy helped her get them off.

The way she posed in the mirror and for us was adorable. She wanted them all, but we ended up with the one that I originally didn't like until she tried it on. I'm really surprised I was able to get it off her to go to bed tonight.

She really, really liked trying on the clothes. Man, we're in trouble. I think we may have created a monster!

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