Monday, June 13, 2011

Buckingham Palace and the Queen Victoria Memorial

So coming out of Green Park is Buckingham Palace, and I have to admit that at first I did not know that's what it was. To be honest, up close, it kind of looks like all the other architecture around London. When we got up closer to the gates I knew something was going on just from the number of people there and all were sitting next to the gates, waiting for something. We got up towards the front and suddenly we saw the carriages and the riding band come out. Later we saw them come back. The kids and I decided to stay for the changing of the guard. Joci thought that was really neat. She also thought she saw the Queen in one of the carriages, and I've just let her believe it.

We found out later that it was all in preparation for the 'Trouping of the Colours', which is a celebration of the Queen's official birthday, which we ended up watching on the telly yesterday.

Right in front of Buckingham Palace is the Queen Victoria memorial. A big beautiful fountain made for the current longest reigning monarchy.

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