Saturday, June 4, 2011

Joe's First Grade Production

Before we left for England Joseph was part of the First Grade production. He would not give us any preview of the songs he was learning as he wanted it to be a surprise. The only thing he would share with us was that he and his best friend, Sarah, were the only two that were allowed to play an instrument, the triangle, during the whole thing. He was so sweet, and so proud.

When the big day finally came, Joe was nervous. We talked to Sarah's parents before the production and they were surprised that Sarah had been telling them that Joe was going to be leaving for England soon, as they thought it was just a story she had made up. They actually offered to have Joe stay with them for 2 years while we were away.

During the production, Joe did so well, although he was a little reserved and a bit timid. I was so proud of him, clapping loudly and loving every minute I saw him up on the stage.

For weeks, now, we've been singing his songs and reliving how well he did. I'm so glad we were able to be there long enough for his production, and that we all, Nonny, Grandma, and Grandpa included were able to come and take part.

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