Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Day of School

Monday was the kids' first day of school. They were so excited, and frankly, so was I! All we could talk about the week before was school and how it would be and who they would meet, etc. Aren't their school uniforms adorable? Joci also has a little yellow summer dress that she wants to wear all the time, I'll try and get a picture of that one, too.

Here you can see our apartment complex and a quick couple of pictures before we took Jon to his work and then the kids to school.

After getting Joci settled, she was a bit quiet and nervous, I took Joe down to his class. His teacher told us that they were in for a lot of questions about the United States, the kids were excited that they would have someone new from the States there.
After I left Joe, I went back to check on Joci and found her here, much more excited and animated about getting to check out the little chicks. Doesn't she almost look like she'd like to try one for a snack?

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Luke and Hailie Girl said...

so cute! Looks like everyone is adjusting and having fun!