Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Hot Breakfast

One of my fondest memories of childhood, now, is of my Dad making us a good hot breakfast each morning before school. I say now, well, because at the time I would have given ANYTHING to just sleep a little longer, and breakfast didn't always appeal to me. Of course as an adult, and a parent, you look back at the things your parents did for you and finally feel like you privy to some secret society. Also, to be fair, my Dad still makes breakfast each morning that I have ever been at their house, even as an adult.

Now, as a parent, I have always wanted to make the kids a hot breakfast. Before, when working and trying to get everything around in the morning, I had a hard time figuring that out. Now, not having to work, and having school start at 9am rather than 8am, amazingly, a hot breakfast is now part of our daily routine.

To prove this I took a picture this morning as it was the first time I got the kids to try over medium eggs, rather than just scrambled. Joci loved them, Joe hated them. One of their favorites is oatmeal, and I did use to make that for them, in the microwave, but now that we don't have a microwave (by choice) I make it the 'old fashioned' way...on the stovetop. Which, again, reminds me of my Dad. Mom would want oatmeal and Dad would make it for her and leave it on the stovetop until she was ready to eat.

Can you tell I'm missing my parents?

It's these little things that sneak up on you, when you're doing a chore that is how your Mom taught you, or figuring something out similar to how your Dad would, that remind me of my childhood, and how fortunate I was to have the parents I did. These are also the things that I tell my kids about all the time, because I want them to have a sense of history.

So, Mom and Dad, tomorrow I will be making another hot breakfast...probably oatmeal. Love you.

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