Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leaver's Assembly

It's the end of the school term here. Friday was the kids' last day. Next term Joe will be moving up to the next school, and Joci will be staying at her school, moving up to the foxes class. Last Wednesday the school had a little assembly and production for the 2nd year class leaving. It was very cute and a lot of the parents were crying by the end. The parent association provided Oxford dictionaries for the year 2 kids and a school keychain with the student's names on them. It was all very nice.

Here the kids are walking to school for one of the last days. I love it when Joe and Joci hold hands.
Joe doing his production.
The kid in the yellow and blue is actually a professional 'street' dancer.

Joe receiving his dictionary from the head teacher, Mr. Upton.

Joe's teacher assistant, Mrs. Merchent. She was an amazing support for him, and one of Joe's favorite.
Joe's new best buddy, Sam.
Joe with his teacher, Mr. Bolger. Truly an amazing teacher, everyone loves him, he's the kind of teacher you wish you had when you were a kid.
Joe with the 'principal' or head teacher, Mr. Upton. Really, really nice and welcoming man for us.

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