Thursday, July 7, 2011

Discos and Proms

I visited the kids school yesterday 4 different times, there and back. Once to drop off/pick up. Then to take Joci to her Disco, once to take Joe to his Prom, then back to pick up Joe. It was all certainly worth it, though, and the little extra exercise was good for me. The kids had so much fun at their end of the year festivities. Joci's Foundation class had a Disco with the Year one class. Joe had his Leaver's Prom to celebrate moving up to Year 3 at a different school. They both got to help pick out their outfits the night before. Joe was REALLY excited to get to wear a tie and vest. He was very sweet, too, asking me to show him how to 'prom' before the dance in case there was a slow dance, and he could ask his little friend, Chloe, to dance. Seriously, showing him how to do a basic slow dance is something I will remember forever. Poor Joci had a hard time walking in her sandals. She fell down three times in them. Once, reinjuring a scraped up knee, so that when we got to the school, the head teacher, Mr. Upton, cleaned up her knee and put a plaster on it for her. They even had a DJ, and flashing lights. It was pretty neat. Their school has been really special and they have had so many activities and a great attitude towards kids. Last weekend we went to their BBQ, the biggest surprise being that they served alcohol to the adults(!), it made Jon and I laugh to have Joci's teacher serve us a beer.

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Donna Fischer said...

So cute. Joe looked very handsome in his tie and vest. I would definitely have accepted a dance with him. Joci got to wear her hair down at school. Miss you