Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christ Church Cathedral

After the Dublinia exhibit, we headed into Christ Church Cathedral.  I'm such a sucker for European Cathedrals.  The most beautiful one I've ever been in was Notre Dame in Reims, France.  However, Christ Church in Dublin was gorgeous, and they also gave access to the 'catacombes' (basement, really) under the church. 

Stained glass windows, and the intricacies of the stone and marble sarcophagus always astonish me in how beautiful and respectful they are.  I find myself staring at them, sometimes overcome with a sense of awe in the devotion it must have taken to make such beautiful works of art. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures of this beautiful cathedral.

Strongbow's Effigy.  Don't know who Strongbow was?  Check out here.

I loved this gorgeous little statue in the cathedral.

Costumes used in 'The Tudors' cable tv show.  If you haven't watched it, watch it.  I was fascinated by the display of costumes they had, and apparently much of the series was actually filmed in Ireland.

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