Friday, January 6, 2012

Holyhead, Wales

We decided a while ago to take a holiday starting the day after Christmas.  At first we were looking at Italy, or even Egypt, but ended up with Ireland. 

Originally we were going to drive down to Cork and all of us kiss the Blarney Stone, but since I had been sick and in the hospital with pneumonia and my Irish doctor was telling that he would prefer I not kiss the most germ infected piece of stone in the world, we decided to stay in and around Dublin.

We were going to take the ferry across from Holyhead, Wales over to Dublin Ireland.  The ferry is about a 3 1/2 hour trip.  This time we sprung for the individual cabins, and I'm so glad we did.  The ferry was absolutely packed with people just laying about on the floor in places.  Being in the cabin we were able to turn some music on so Joci could do a little dancing and Joe played some games for a bit.  Big bonus was that we had our own toilet as well.

But, before the ferry trip we had a bit of a layover in Holyhead.  It's a cute little port town, and not too far from port there was a lovely little beach that we decided to spend some time at.  Jon took the kids for a little hike up the side of one cliff, one at a time, and I took some photos.  I love taking pictures of the sea, the colors are always so beautiful, even on overcast days.  At the top of the bluff was an old battery building in ruins that was fun to climb in and around.

Joe had a really great time as it was the first chance he got to use the new camera he got for Christmas.  He was so excited, learning about his camera and taking pictures.  He actually told me at one point that taking photos was his new passion.  So sweet.

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