Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Joseph!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet little boy.  These wishes are a little late this year as Mummy was in the hospital with pneumonia for the week leading up to Joe's birthday.  I was finally able to come home the afternoon of Joe's Birthday, just in time to see the joy on his face when he opened the door coming home from school and I was there to meet him.  Both he and Joci ran to me and gave me huge hugs, as happy to have me home as I was to be home.

Joe had the best surprise when he woke up the morning of his birthday and found that it was snowing!  He had never seen it snow before and so it was a fantastic surprise for him on his birthday.

Daddy did a fantastic job of making sure Joe was happy on his birthday, even though I couldn't be there.  Joe got to wear his favorite coat and bow tie to school, and he got his favorite breakfast, pancakes!

The next day Joe had his friends over for a Doctor Who birthday party.  Daddy set up the Xbox for a great time for all the kids and even exploded two ENORMOUS confetti canons over the children, much to their surprise.

Jon did such an amazing job making sure that Joe's Birthday was a great success since I was unable to help much at all.  Except when he tried to chop the end of his finger off making dinner for the children.

Our Joe is growing so fast and becoming such a big boy.  He's so full of ideas and observations.  He's still the sweetest boy ever, and the girls all still love him for it.  He loves to learn and has been working really hard in school.  He has loads of friends, his closest being Sam and Amy.  He's still not much into sports, but loves arts and crafts and reading.  He loves his Horrid Henry books, and of course, anything to do with animals.  Eight sure did come fast.  It doesn't seem like that long ago he was just a little baby.  Joe still promises me, daily, that he will always love me, give me hugs and snuggles, even when he's a teenager, and I believe him.

Happy Birthday Joseph!  We all love you so much!

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