Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Dublin Zoo

Jon and I have been talking a lot about how we need to incorporate the kids more into our travels.  That's not to say that we don't take them.  But, I think while we are touring and driving and discovering so many amazing things about Europe we need to do a better job of including them in the history or information of what we are experiencing.  True, we've done this, and most of the time, they could care less.  But we believe it's very important that they understand and remember these times that we are experiencing right now.

Ireland was a big part of this process.  And so, the first full day of Ireland we decided we would do something really fun for the kids.  We went to the Dublin zoo and had an amazing time.  Jon had a 'moment' with one of the chimpanzees as he looked at him through the glass in a weird, kind of knowing way.  I joked with him that he was wondering how Jon got out.  Joci followed Joe trying to jump a mud puddle and landed, unfortunately, face first into said mud hole with her arms tucked inside her jacket.  She was quite literally covered head to toe in mud.  I was never so happy that I brought some wipes in my purse that day.

This sweet tiger was pacing back and forth right in front of a huge glass window for us.

This big guy was amazing.  He was begging for pieces of our apple, but didn't put forth a lot of effort to do it.  He just sat there and held out his hand.

An African Sulcata tortoise just like what our tortoise at home will look like when he is older.

Joe had so much fun snapping pictures of all the animals.

Who is that adorable little penguin in the back there?

The California Sea Lions were hilarious.  They swam around and would play king of the platforms with each other.  We decided that they must have been siblings as much as they fought and played at the same time.
Joci's favorite animal in the zoo is the Flamingo.  We had to circle back just so we could get a picture of her in front of them.  Side you can see some remnants of the mud puddle that Jocelyn fell into.

I'm not sure how this little red panda found such comfort being perched up on top of this pole, but he looks cozy to me.

Love this picture of the kids.

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